Chittlehampton Primary School is taking action to meet the DfE requirements for Remote Education during national school closure 2021. Please read our statement of intent here.
Chittlehampton CofE Primary School provides a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and believes that excellence in, and a love of teaching, leads to enjoyment of learning. We define the curriculum as everything that impacts on our pupils to enable them to thrive emotionally, spiritually, morally and intellectually.   
Our curriculum gives Chittlehampton a distinct identity and ethos, reflecting our Christian values, our local community and an awareness of the wider world. Above all, we aim to make our curriculum a rich experience for all pupils, preparing them to be able to make a positive contribution to life.
Our curriculum is built around our core values (see below) and is driven by our ethos of respecting individuals, valuing everybody’s achievement, aspiring to highest standards, being prepared to ‘have a go’ and learning how to be independent learners.


We celebrate children’s art through quality displays in and around school. We offer quality music lessons with a specialist music teacher and participate in local community music events. We also encourage our children to be creative in thought by encouraging their curiosity, imagination and developing their enquiry skills. We give children the opportunity to become increasingly enterprising through charity events. Children are allowed to develop as critical thinkers through problem solving and being allowed to make their own choices.


Children are taught not only to value an acquisition of knowledge but to also recognise the wisdom of good choices. This reflects in their conduct and the behaviour they show towards their learning.


Children at Chittlehampton are encouraged to have the courage to aspire to great things and to broaden their horizons. They are encouraged to follow and develop individual interests. They are encouraged to recognise that only by ‘having a go’ can they achieve.


Children at Chittlehampton are ambitious and recognise this requires resilience and perseverance. They work towards improvement through personal goals and recognise that achievement comes in small steps.


Children at Chittlehampton are encouraged to be forgiving towards each other and themselves. They recognise the importance of moving on from mistakes and of recognising their strengths as individuals and learners. They are encouraged to be forgiving to themselves as part of their mental well-being.


Chittlehampton children are friendly, welcoming and respectful. They form positive relationships with children and adults. This allows for collaborative learning and meaningful peer support.

To see how our school ethos relates to our curriculum please read our curriculum subject statements here
Pupils have the opportunity to learn in a range of ways – but all teaching and learning is of a high quality and is planned and managed so pupils are challenged and supported. They learn through play, out-of-doors, in traditional class settings, in small groups, through art, music and sport, from each other, before and after school, both formally and informally.   
The Foundation Stage follows a distinctive Early Years Curriculum. This curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning; Personal Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Each area of learning is planned so that children have high quality continuous provision (inside and out) which is responsive to pupils’ interests and needs. Specific skills involving reading, writing and maths are taught through daily activities that are tailored to the individual and children’s progress is monitored both through observation during adult led and child-initiated activities.   
The National Curriculum applies to pupils of compulsory school age and is taught from Year 1. It consists of core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science as well as Religious Education. 
 Use these links to find the key objectives taught for the core subjects: Mathematics, English (Reading and Writing), Science.
Chittlehampton prides itself on its broad and balanced curriculum and strives for excellence in all areas. Foundation subjects including Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music and PE are also taught on a regular basis. Learning is planned to create links across the curriculum whenever it is feasible. Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), which includes Sex Education (puberty) and Drugs Education is taught at age appropriate levels. In addition, children are given the opportunity to learn a Modern Foreign Language.    
Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Devon Agreed Syllabus through structured lessons and assemblies. Parents may, if they wish, write to the headteacher to request that their children be wholly or partly excused from attendance at our regular collective worship.    
The different learning needs of individual pupils are central to the planning and implementation of the school's curriculum. All pupils have equal rights of access to each curriculum area, and this right is irrespective of physical or academic ability, or gender, or ethnic or cultural origins. We strongly believe that the principle of matching the challenge of the curriculum to the needs of the individuals is fundamental to effective education.  Children with specific difficulties are supported within our special needs provision. Our special needs coordinator works across the federation supporting teachers to meet children's specific needs. Individual learning plans are shared with our Senco and reviewed regularly to ensure they support the pupils learning.


Learning Journeys through each subject is planned to ensure progression of knowledge and skills. The links below will show this progression for each subject:

                                            Art:       Computing:       DT:        Geography:        History:       MFL:         Music:       PE:         PHSE/RSE:     Science

KS1 Curriculum overview for 2020-2021

KS2 Curriculum overview for 2020-2021 

Further information for Taw class curriculum this term can be found on their class page or via this link here.

Further information for Torridge class curriculum this term can be found on their class page or via this link here.


A Parent's Guide to The Curriculum: outlines the coverage of the 2015 National Curriculum. 

A Parent's Guide to Early Year Curriculum: How we deliver the curriculum to Early Year Pupils 

A Parent's Guide to Letters and Sounds: explains the schools approach to teaching reading

A Parent's Guide to Grammar: a glossary of the grammatical terms children are taught in each school year

A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child at Home: advice and guidance on helping children learn