All children in the school follow the National Curriculum programs of study.

Use these links to find the key objectives taught for the core subjects: Mathematics, English (Reading and Writing), Science.

Foundation subjects: RE, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, PE, Art and Design,

PSHE and Citizenship.

We also provide Forest School activities for all year groups. 

We follow the EYFS curriculum and in Key Stage 1, pupils follow the letters and sounds phonics teaching.

The school has re-organised how the curriculum is delivered in light of the new curriculum. We attempt to develop a theme based approach to long term planning whenever possible.

In Religious Education the school also follows guidelines provided by the Diocesan Board of Education. Christianity forms 70% of this curriculum although we also teach children about other world faiths and encourage tolerance and understanding of others. Any parent has the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education by stating that they do not wish their child to receive Religious Education instruction from the school.

Diocese of Exeter The Church of England in Devon: VA RE Unit Plans

To bring variety into the work and cover particular skills, we take advantage of seasons and festivals and respond to current affairs.

We have recently introduced Mindfulness Activities to KS2 pupils. 

We like to provide opportunities for visitors to come into school to enhance the curriculum whenever possible. We allow children to take part in visits to local places of interest and use video links to experience 'virtual tours' when it is not possible to personally visit.

Children have the opportunity to take part in residential visits during their time in Key Stage 2.

We firmly believe that children progress better when parents are able to support their learning. We therefore offer these document to help parents support their children's learning.

A Parent's Guide to The Curriculum: outlines the coverage of the 2015 National Curriculum. 

A Parent's Guide to EYFS: explains the early year goals

A Parent's Guide to Letters and Sounds: explains the schools approach to teaching reading

A Parent's Guide to Grammar: a glossary of the grammatical terms children are taught in each school year

A Parent's Guide to Progression in Calculation: explains how children are expected to progress in learning maths calculations

Wild Maths web site details for creative maths at home.

A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child at Home: advice and guidance on helping children learn

KS2 Curriculum overview for 2019-20 

KS1 Curriculum overview for 2019-2020