At Chittlehampton C of E Primary School we promote fundamental British values though PHSE lessons, collective worship and through the relationships we build and foster with each other. Not only do we encourage mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs but also towards of those of different ages and gender. We do this by having House Groups across all years and by older children supporting younger ones, for example: as they walk to the village hall at lunch time.

Year 6 Ambassadors have responsibility for supporting younger children at playtimes and take responsibility for playtime equipment. They may also run lunchtime clubs such as ICT or craft clubs.

Our school council is responsible for organising fundraising activities for different charities as well as school needs. Pupils within the school gain awareness of democratic processes as council members are voted for by the pupils each term.

Sponsoring a child in Haiti allows our children to appreciate how they can contribute positively to the lives of others. They gain an understanding of commitment as we have signed up to sponsoring Dubinsky for many years.

Please use this link to read our British Values Statement in full.