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  • Children’s Christmas Shopping

    Thursday 10th December, 2020

    Children have always enjoyed the opportunity to buy gifts for their parents in our co-operative shop. This year we ask that gifts suitable for an adult be brought into school by no later than Thursday 10th December. This will allow items to be quarantined before they are bought and wrapped by the children the following week. Children are asked to donate a gift to the value of £3-£5 and pay 20p to cover the cost of wrapping paper. (Children can donate two gifts and then buy two gifts for 40p.)

  • Entertainingly Different

    Tuesday 15th December, 2020

    Entertainingly Different are a travelling Performance Troup who perform shows around Devon and work a lot with schools. We have booked them to entertain the children with a little festive fun, as there are no pantomimes being performed this year. They know our school well, having been here several times before, and have adapted their performance so that it fits Covid guidelines in our building. The FOCS have kindly offered to pay for this performance.